Boho Photoshoot with Ukrainian Wedding Dress Designer Lyuda Dulyanytska

One of my most memorable and exciting projects was working in 2019 with Ukrainian wedding dress designer Lyuda Dulyanytsʹka on an outdoor photoshoot for her Boho-inspired collection. The photoshoot was held in the beautiful city of Kherson, and featured a stunning model with long, natural curls.

As a hairstylist, my role was to ensure that the bride's hair was styled in a way that complemented her dress and the overall theme of the photoshoot. We decided to go for a natural and effortless look, with loose curls and a braid for a touch of elegance. I used a combination of soft waves and loose curls to create a romantic and natural look, while keeping the hair out of the bride's face.

The photoshoot was a great success, and the designer was thrilled with the final images. The natural setting and my hairstyles helped to create a beautiful, ethereal atmosphere that truly showcased the designer's dresses in the best possible light.

The small goat was also a fun addition to the photoshoot, and added a unique and playful touch to the overall feel of the shoot. The bride even got to pose with the goat in some of the shots, which turned out to be some of the most beautiful and memorable shots of the day.


Working with Lyuda Dulyanytsʹka and her team was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful and inspiring photoshoot. The natural curls hairstyle I created was the perfect complement to the Boho-inspired wedding dresses and the outdoor setting, and I couldn't be happier with the final result.



Experience a natural, effortless hairstyle for your Boho-inspired wedding photoshoot with our experienced hairstylist. Specializing in natural curls and braids to complement your outdoor setting

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