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Hairstyle in Sheffield

Hairstyles service list:

  • UPDO, Bun hairstyle
  • Curls
  • French & Greek Braids hairstyles
  • Bridal hairstyles
Hairstyle Straight Curly Hair Bun Braids
Price £25 £30-35 £35 £25
Time 30min 60min 60-90min 30-60min

*This price not includes extra travel costs. Please ask me a quote.

UPDO / Hair Bun:

One of the most popular types of hairstyles among women due to a large selection of options depending on the situation, whether it be casual, evening or wedding. In the casual version, the bun can be careless, at the same time, when choosing the evening version, it should be more restrained and requires more elegance styling. The hair bun will add sophistication and elegance to your look and is guaranteed to last all day long.


If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle for any event, luxurious curls are the most requested styling option. Hair Curls have a large number of varieties and the most popular of them are: Hollywood wave, beach curls, low volume curls and high volume curls.

French & Greek Braids hairstyles:

Braids are a type of hairstyle that always gives an impressive result, romantic and charming looks. Effectively braided hair will adorn any girl and complement her daily look, with a light braiding on loose hair or a classic braid in French or traditional Greek braids.

Bridal hairstyles:

The choice of a wedding hairstyle should always be taken very carefully. Consider details such as the style of your dress, makeup, veil. A Bridal hairstyle should always complement and complete the look. Most often, varieties of bunches, curls or weaving elements are chosen as the bride's hairstyle.