Four simple steps for everyday skin care

We would like to share with you four simple daily skincare steps that will help you tone your skin, make it look fresh and radiant.

The perfect skin secret is very simple if you complete these four steps:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Nutrition
  4. Moisturizing

You need to cleanse the skin in the morning and in the evening with a cleansing product (gel, foam, milk, micellar water): in the morning from night care products and sebum, in the evening - from makeup. You should keep it as a rule and follow it everyday!

Tonic - why is it needed? The toner neutralizes the action of cleansers, normalizes the Ph of the skin, and prepares the skin for the next stage - hydration. It also helps to further remove the remaining makeup particles and completes the skin cleansing process. It is important to pay attention to the composition of the Toner, it shouldn’t contain alcohols that will dry out the skin. If you are using a series of moisturizers, it is recommended to apply them in stages, at intervals of several minutes, so that the previous product has time to be absorbed.

Lotion - it’s main task is to duplicate the stage of cleansing, dry and matte the skin, narrow the pores (if you have oily skin). Not recommended for sensitive skin. Since alcohol may be present in the composition.

Skin nutrition - is an important step in facial skin care. The nourishing cream helps to restore the lipid barrier in the upper layer of the epidermis. The composition of the nourishing cream contains free amino acids, which ensure the adhesion of cells under the stratum corneum. So the tool manages not only to retain moisture in the deep layers of the epidermis, but also to restore it.

Moisturizing is the final stage after cleansing and toning. “It is this sequence that stimulates metabolic processes at the cellular level” and will help protect your skin from dehydration and aging. Also, by moisturizing the skin, you prevent moisture from evaporating, it remains inside its cells.

Pay attention to the composition of your cream, it should not contain such components as:

  • Synthetic wax - paraffin, ceresin. 
  • Vaselin (Petroleum jelly) - This hydrophobic shield reduces the loss of transepidermal water by more than 98%. It prevents the skin from breathing and thus actually drains it.
  • Lanolin - the inclusion of lanolin and its derivatives in cosmetics does not lead to an increase in skin photosensitivity. At the same time, some comedogenic effect and an increased risk of acne formation have been recorded with respect to these components.

Before deciding on the choice of cosmetics, the best solution would be to consult with your dermatologist, who will determine your skin type and indicate problems if any. Then he will select those products that will help your skin to always be fresh and healthy.

A consultation with a dermatologist will help prevent permanent damage to your health.

Be healthy and take care of yourself and remember! A moisturizer will add - moisture, lotion - smoothness, and cream - softness.

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