Sheffield workshop “Urban wedding shoot’’ for beautiful couple Matthew and Jane

What kind of type of photoset do you prefer, in a cosy country estate or in the style of a big city? Recently wedding photoshoots in Urban style are gaining more and more popularity. When we say Urban photoset we mean rhythm, emotions, mood, speed of a big city, light which falls on classic locations of your favourite places - all this is fashionable, stylish, and modern. 

Walk around your favourite places, enjoy a walk - just be yourself, show more feelings and emotions, become part of a big city. All that will make your day unforgettable.

Try to be minimal in things, you should become one with the city.  When choosing a dress, suit, pay special attention to this. The outfit should be simple, but at the same time concise and convey your mood. As well as hair and makeup, those should be restrained, it can be light curls, a ponytail or a classic low bun.

And street style is a great opportunity to get away from the classic wedding makeup. You can make more expressive makeup, focusing not only on the lips, but also on the eyes.  Matte lipsticks in dark shades will always compliment your look.

Also, do not forget about flowers, because this is the number one accessory at any wedding.  And for urban style, they will give life to urban life.

With the choice of location, everything is also very simple - that can be streets, pubs, cafes, restaurants with a rooftop terrace, panoramic windows and even just brick walls.

Any free style shooting should show your character and mood, do not strive for something perfect, just see an unforgettable day with your soulmate. That this day would remain not only in the photos but also in your memory.

Photography and concept AlterWedding photography “Love is symmetry” @love_is_symmetry
Fantail Designer Florist @fantaildesignerflorist
HMUA Alona Dmytrenko @wedding_mua_sheffield
Lanny “Painted Jacket & Stationery” @rockpapernib
Ps-Millinery - Bow Veil @hatshats_hats
Beautiful jewellery “LiveSunLoveMoon”
Dress “Pretty Little Thing” @prettylittlething
Suit “Skope EST. 1948” @officialskopes

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